Sonntag, 29. August 2010


this post is more a reminder for myself so really don't read on if you:
-don't wanna know how to flash a psp
-you already know how to flash a psp
-you're just not interested in this shit anyway
to accumulate all this knowledge it took me several hours even so the process is soooo easy and hopefully it'll save some poor nerds time (or mine once i wanna do this again).
BTW summary at the end and there links to all the software you'll need in the tutorials i linked to!!!

hi single nerd left,

my brother owns a psp slim 2004 date code 8a (this is somehow important because some models can't be flashed) but he can't afford any games except naruto shippudden ultimate ninja heroes 3 and a few demos. so this weekend i just thought why should he carry around the disk of the one game that he has got when it would fit perfectly on his 2gb psp flash memory. (this is soo lame :-)

before we could do anything we needed a new firmware which would allow us to play images so we read this awesome tutorial and decided to create our own pandora battery (critical 'ingridient') which is explained in this super easy to follow tutorial. okay to be honest i asked my dad to do it because i'm a clumsy ass but i definitely could've done it too !(btw we used the first method). now we had custom firmware (CFW) 5.00 -M33 installed but for naruto we needed a newer one so we installed 5.50 GEN D3 following these pspking instructions.
it is pretty easy to create an image of a umd but you can also find YOURS on the web probably, at least that's what a mysterious unknown person told me.
no you just have to get the game to run and that is super easy if you know how to do it.
just get iso tool 1.67 and follow this short instructional VIDEO.
DONE!!! was super easy wasn't it? i mean really teach your small sibling and let him/her earn money for you at school :-)


Samstag, 14. August 2010


hey punx,

you've gotta check out JAMENDO which is a web page where artist publish their albums for...yeah for WHAT?
so look for a tag that you like, listen to underground stuff and get yourself some new shit for free!
or upload your stuff and leave a comment so we can check it out :-)

...btw currently listening to revolution void which sounds damn cool and if you wanna mess up your brains listen to this freaky, brutal french breakcore 'Burglecut'