Samstag, 20. Februar 2010


hi dear internauts,
i am watching the current episode of and it's a pretty nice one.
so if you can speak german you shouldn't miss it 'cause it'll really show you the horrors of television.


yeah, i guess everybody of you knows this message but today a good friend of mine told me a nice trick to watch those youtube clips anyway.
1)copy the link of the vid
3)under 'more' you'll find a translator
4)paste the link and translate it
5)watch the vid
i tried it a second ago and it works quite well i used a song from gorillaz (even if i don't like 'em much)


hi dudes,
fefe just posted this funny picture which explains quite well why you should NOT!!!
download any stuff :-)

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010


good friend showed me this funny music video.
it's about the horse of the universe!!!!!!!
another topic is this great online dj environment, no kidding it is incredible fun to play with it. my favorites are techno3 and jazz:-)

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010


hi dear internauts,
these language freaks know some serious talking!!!!!
it goes from funny to freaky, from gangsta to gimp and finishs with some deep shit.
if you know some english speaking ones please leave a comment!


hello dudes,

right now i am pretty busy with stuffing crap into my brains(you might call it exams) but there has to be time for some antifascism.
so if you speak german take a look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very short clip about a neo nazi owning a shop close to the town where i come from.
i don't like it at all if the name of a person is stated in public and if this somehow can be proven to be wrong, tell me and i'll change it asap.
anyway fuck fascism as often as you can!

*video was taken down, so i'll give you a short summary:
tino steg the owner of the Espresso-Kartell Magdeburg
kicked a person(probably antifascist)into the face which you could
have seen in the video being taken at a neo nazi demonstration.
furthermore he is part of the former 'Kameradschaft Festungsstadt Magdeburg' and the fight club „Selbstschutz Sachsen-Anhalt SSSA“. in addition he is a delegate of the 'NPD' and watches the door of the most-of-the-guys-wearing-this-are-nazis store 'NARVIC'. (german article)

*update:video is online again

*update:guy doesn't work in that shop anymore...yuhu!!!

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010


i told you that I know of at least 70 pedophiles running around without being
what would you say if told you that in the past 14 years
almost 100 cases of child molestation occured in the moslem community?
what would you say if i told you that no one really cares?
i dunno what you'd say but i'd be fucking angry and i am because all this is happening and people don't get furious about it because it was done by some lovely christians.
really you should see how they usually slaughter pedophiles in the media and hunt 'em down the street but hey if he's a priest, maybe he was horny?
i mean one friggin hundred!!!!! that is quite a number and i started to ask wether there might be a correlation between being a priest and being a child molester and a friend of mine added that maybe pedophiles enter church because you're most likely getting away with your behavior. i dunno... it is so sick... finally i ended up with the old question: if there is a god, why would he need help of some fragile humans to promote or do his will?
i mean he's god and if people really believe they should listen to the voice inside of them instead of some bunch of freaks claiming to know the truth...this is sooo religilous

*hell yeah and the pope just said that neither the priests nor the victims are allowed to talk about it!!!! i love the church...

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010


hi dear brainless internaut,
because you're allowed to consume marihuana but not to posses it, the police tries to screw people taking away their drivers license which you can loose even if you're not stoned anymore.
this makes it possible to fuck with people even so you caught 'em empty handed and it is legal.
but it's possible to give the cops a hard time too which might save your sweet bum, your job, your reputation and for sure some money.
so take 8 minutes and watch this vid showing you the legal rights you've got and how to use them.

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010


hey brainless people,
right now it is 7:18 and psychodead just finished their first song of the upcoming album "six-teen"!!!
as usual lyrics, guitar and various fuck ups were created tonight.
so here we go...FIRSTBLOOD!!!!!!!

"...with this piece of art psychodead has proven that it's more than just violence.
truly beautiful pop-lines provided by an awesome singer backed up with one of the most genuis guitar players of our time. this song is a must listen to!!! i'm waiting for the longplayer so much"- Karl Bob Bentley (author of the 'AlternateSoundbooklet')

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010


...hell yes,it is possible!!!
this guy just made it: 3D vision on a 2D screen and it looks awesome.
combined with a more developed version of this and some other approaches we'll be heading quite fast towards virtual reality.
and i gotta tell you: I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!!!
i mean just imagine to be a dwarf king and to slaughter sauron in 3D... gives me a boner :-)