Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009


sorry for my late post but i've been busy eating because if you gain less than 2 kilos then you
won't be a christmas child and you don't want that, do ya?
by the way when i googled 'fat christmas child' i found this disturbing!!!! pic with the title
'christmas for uk'...
so how are we gonna finish this bloody damn year?
i thought i do something pretty unique and give you a wrap up of what happened.
unfortunately these are in german but i promise they are fun to watch.
the first one is a great german cabaret guy called hagen rether and the second is a funny collection of all the weird news from this year like 'radioactive-child-porn-teacher on the run'...
to at least provide a little brain-pain check this definitely absurd stuff.
have a nice party and enjoy it like i'll do in LaLaLAND!!!!!!!

Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009


ho ho ho dead alive punx,
i hope santa brought ya loads of useless books that are stuffed with
information you usually don't wanna spend time with.
because now we'll get into some techniques allowing us to stuff our brains with
shit like university books, song books and the twilight trilogy in no time.
the key is SPEED READING.
another interesting and shorter vid can be found here.
for more just type 'speed reading' into the google video search bar.
actually i am wondering what would happen if you type:
"speed reading"+rapidshare -torrent
into google...

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

Movie- Us Now

hello dear brainless dudes,
today i found an idea how we the brainless, the untrustworthy people, the scum of society can
rule and get along quite well.
bottom-up-society is really kickin ass and brains esp. of the exploiting, mankind-screwing bastards in charge.
lets cut off their chairs and do it ourselves and better :)
but enough bashing, here we go.

Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

first progress...

the following post will probably disturb you and your morals so please stop reading unless
you take full responsibility for doing so.

after i did some research on and other parts of the web i actually found an
approach to efficiently turn our brains off!!!!
ain't that great?!!!
and the best about it is, that you just need a specific item and that's it.
no learning, no time to spend, no hours of hard work anymore, just one simple solution...

the ultimate Brain-Off-Helmet!!!!!

the picture is just one of various products available on the market, so go and check your local
oh i almost forgot to tell you another great feature of this product.
you don't have to wear it on your head! keeping it within a 5m range is in 90% of the cases enough!!!

if you need proof for its functionality check the videos below which contain footage
of the latest user studies that were done:
Multi-Brain-Off-Helmet-Training in Denmark

Close-To-Body-Experiment in Germany

more conspiracy and useless stuff

hi dear who-ever,
soon you'll probably find some information here connected to politics, movies, fefe, society, music and no-brains.
remember i am here to have fun and won't necessarily reply and comment on your posts so
if you don't get along with that look for a white cross close to the tab-title.
anyway lets hope i've got enough motivation to keep this thing running and that
we'll never stop fighting BRAINS!!!!!